I am inspired to create from strong human emotions. I feel passionately that we are all connected on some level and we need each other, not just to survive but to thrive.

My emotions drive me whether I am painting or sculpting. I seldom have a plan, letting my subconscious take over and I am constantly experimenting and learning with the medium being used.

My work comes from a place of love and compassion.

I am trying to visually communicate the turmoil I feel when I witness how we behave and the choices we make

I like my work to be thought provoking……..

Why can’t we live in harmony?
Why can’t we treat each other, the environment and other species with respect?
What can I personally change right now that will make a difference?

We have choices, we are alive in this short moment, and I want to convey the joy of living at a time where we have the intelligence and potential to do so much good for the benefit of us all.

Being compassionate is a universal principal.
Someone who is kind is kind to all things.

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